What is Periodontics? If you are a smoker or have bad breath, gum inflammation and bleeding, receding gums, dental plaque build-up (also known as tooth calculus), a periapical abscess or you are gradually losing your jaw bone and tooth attachment to the bone, then you may have an infection of the gum tissue also known as periodontal disease. We can diagnose and treat your periodontal disease. Most people should have a periodontal examination at every dental check-up which is recommended every six months. However, people suffering from periodontal disease should have a periodontal examination every two to three months. If you have lost bone or soft tissue as a result of a periodontal disease, we can conduct bone graft and tissue graft procedures to recover the volumes of bone withdrawn and the aesthetics of the soft tissue. We can also conduct crown lengthening, pocket reduction procedures, root planning, periodontal plastic surgeries, oral and soft tissue bone transplant surgeries, dental implants and all procedures associated with the treatment of gum diseases. We offer you: A comprehensive periodontal examination to identify early signs of periodontal disease or the extent of the disease if you already have it A treatment plan scoped to suit your individual needs and target the disease.

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The Rifats Dental Implant Laser Cosmetic Care has been proposed and developed by Dr. G K M Rifatullah and Dr. Nabanita, all of whom have particular skills in their own fields. Surgeons affiliated to the clinic are either trained internationally or be particular experts in their own field of laser surgery. The aim is to provide extreme quality services to remaining independent from all other dental practitioners. We use lasers in Oral, Dental as well as cosmetic surgeries and in many cases the correct lasers in the correct clinical situations offer significant advantages to the patients over standard non-laser methods. These are at these specific areas that the Rifat's Laser Dental Care and Surecell Laser Dental Aesthetics are aimed.

The Rifats Laser Care has access to the best types of latest Generation lasers for each of the procedures performed. These procedures are offered on the basis that in each instance, the use of a laser is directly beneficial to the patient. Some other non-laser operations performed in Dentistry are also offered, since technological advances in these areas also give a benefit to patients over old-fashioned surgeries.We have done more than 30000 successful laser and dental cases and the number of procedures are expanding as technology advances. We offered multi directions of the clinic's surgery also in Cosmetic and facial plastics.